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 Customizing SUSE Linux with YaST: Software

Online Update

This module is used to update software via YOU and is discussed in detail in the Update Software page.

Install and Remove Software

This module is used to install software from the SUSE locations you have specified (usually from the SUSE Installation CD/DVD) and is discussed in detail on the Installing New Software From the SUSE CD page.

Change Source of Installation

This module will enable you to add other sources to install software from besides the default SUSE Installation CD or DVD.

 One option offered is to copy your SUSE Installation disk to your hard drive so whenever you go to install new software from the disk, you won't need to use the CD/DVD, it will just be read off your hard drive. I would suggest doing this if you have plenty of space on your hard drive or if you are using a laptop because you may need some software while you are traveling and not have your installation disk. Imagine needing some obscure software package to be able to connect to the bizarre internet connection your hotel offers; you'll be glad you transfered this stuff to your hard drive.

To do this, just copy the entire CD to a folder on your hard drive (this will take a little time). When copied, click "Add", select Local Directory and specify the path to the folder. For example, I have "file:/root/Desktop/suse91" as the source. Then highlight it and click "Up" until it is at the top, this will make it the primary source. Then highlight the old location, "cd:///;devices=dev/hdc" and click "Enable or Disable"; this will keep the CD location there but it will not be used. You can also delete it if you want, I just kept it there in case I ever decided to delete the folder on my hard drive and go back to using the CD.

 You can also add an ftp, http, samba, or other source. Some ftp or http sources may be available for some projects where newer software is available that what is available via online update. An explanation on how to do this for KDE can be found here, here, and here. A forum thread with YaST install locations can be found here.

If you do add an online source, periodically go back (every month or so should be fine), highlight the source, click on "Edit" and select "Refresh"; do this for each online source you added. This will update your local machine, letting it know what packages are available at that source.

Installation Into Directory

This is for installing SUSE into a functioning installation. You would be able to have SUSE running inside SUSE. I can't think of any reason why I would want to do that, but if you like idea of being able to do that, go for it and let me know how it goes.

Patch CD Update

This module is for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server users. SUSE will release CDs to these customers instead of downloading from ftp.

System Update

This module is for updating the version of SUSE, like 9.1 to 9.2, for example. However, you can only update applications in this module. Updating the base version has to be done during a reboot.
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