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 SUSE Linux Customizations & Tweaks

Below are some common basic things that new SUSE Linux users may want tweak. It may be confusing at first to try and figure out where to go to contol these things; I'll try to point you in the right direction. Here are some explainations of some of the locations I will be describing: YaST, Configure Desktop, and KDE Control Center. is a great site for Linux backgrounds, themes, icons, and more.

 Wallpaper/Background; Configure Desktop, KDE Control Center (Appearance & Themes -> Background)

 Screensaver; Configure Desktop, KDE Control Center (Appearance & Themes -> Screen Saver)

 Screen Resolution & Refresh Rate; Configure Desktop (Display), YaST (Hardware -> Graphics Card and Monitor -> Change -> Monitor)

 KDE Panel (Kicker Panel) & Taskbar; Right-click panel -> Configure Panel (or Configure Taskbar), KDE Control Center (Desktop -> Panels (or Taskbar))

 KMenu; Right-click icon -> Menu Editor, KDE Control Center (Desktop -> Panels -> Menus tab -> Edit K Menu button)

 Icons, Colors, & Themes; KDE Control Center (Appearance & Themes -> Colors (or Icons, Style, Theme Manager, or Window Decorations))

 Mouse Behavior; KDE Control Center (Peripherals -> Mouse)

 Software started at boot; YaST (System -> Runlevel Editor)

 Firewall; YaST (Security and Users -> Firewall)

 Defrag;'re using Linux now, your data doesn't get fragmented

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