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 Additional SUSE & Linux Help Resources

 SUSE Help Center
This is the help manual that comes with your installation of SUSE. Very handy.

 man pages
Documentation for Linux commands and software. New users may be a little lost at first using the man pages.

 Books offers a wide variety of books for SUSE users.

This whole site is peppered with other online resources, but I'll point out a few that deserve special mention

  • SuSEForums Unofficial support site for SUSE Linux users.
  • SuSELinuxSupport Unofficial support site for SUSE Linux users.
  • Google No kidding. If you have a problem, don't think you are the first one to have it. Do a search using the error you get or question you have and you might find something to get you going in the right direction.
  • openSUSE Official wiki for topics related to the openSUSE project.
  • Linux Newbie Guide I haven't spent much time here yet, but it seems like someone put a lot of effort into it and is worth a look for general Linux information for new users
  • Linux Guide for Newbies is a brief overview answering some of the questions that new Linux users often have.
  • Unofficial SUSEFAQ Lots of infomation here from installation to ripping CDs. Some parts of the site seem a little out-of-date.
  • Novell's SUSE Linux Site Official site for SUSE Linux. While it may not solve a lot of problems, it provides some good information none the less.
  • SUSE Linux Portal SUSE's gizmo for registering products...and stuff. I'm not real clear on the "ins and outs" of this site, but they do have a knowledge base where you can search for resolutions to issues you may be having.
  • A very handy site with several Linux "how-to's" and guides.
  • News, information...grab a pack of smokes and a beer, there's a lot to soak up on this site.
  • The One Page Linux Manual Guess what this pdf is...
  • Novell Cool Solutions News and guides for Novell products. You can also sign up for their newsletter. When I first found this site, I found SEVERAL articles explaining some nagging questions I had in the back of my head. Of particular interest are:
  • Portail d'Alionet is a French SUSE Linux forum and community site.
  • is the official Polish SUSE Forums.
  • looks like an active and friendly SUSE Linux forum for German-speaking users.
 OpenSUSE's Communicate Page has a great list of resources where you can connect to other SUSE users and find help
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