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 Resolving Dependency Issues When Installing & Removing Software

If you have a box pop up saying you have conflicts while installing or removing software with YaST it just means that you need to fix something before you go any further. The most common dependency issue occurs when you try to install a package that requires another package be installed first. In this case, take note of what package(s) it says you need and click "Cancel". Then search for the packages it says you need. Assuming you find them, check the box next to them and again click "Check Dependencies". In a best case you solved any issues and you can go on and click "Accept". If you cannot find the package needed to resolve the dependency on your installation disk you'll need to find it elsewhere. Read the section on downloading and installing an RPM.

While rare, there are several other dependency issues that can occur like a package makes a protected package obsolete. I can't explain every possible scenario here, but as a guideline just read what it says and use some logic to figure out what to do. If you're still lost it's time to do a Google search and you will most likely find information about a similar issue and how it was fixed.

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