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 Removing & Uninstalling Software

Sometimes you find you no longer need a given application, maybe you need to free up some disk space; whatever the reason, you'll ocassionally find that you need to remove or uninstall software.

Uninstalling with YaST

YaST Install and Remove SoftwareIf you installed the software with YaST, it is a simple matter to remove it. Open YaST and click on "Software Management" (older versions call this section "Install and Remove Software"). You will see the familiar search field; enter the name of the package you wish to remove and click "Search". Your results will be displayed in the box on the right.

Simply click the box next to the package(s) you wish to remove until you see the "trash" icon. Right-clicking on the item will bring up a menu with several other options. You can now enter more search terms to remove other packages. When you are done you can select "Installation Summary" to see which packages will be removed. It is worth pointing out that you can also install new software at the same time. To accomplish this, simply follow the instructions for installing software from CD which ammounts to checking the box next to packages you wish to install.

When you are satisfied with your selections click "Check Dependencies". If you're lucky, you will get a pop up that says everything is OK and you can click "Accept" at the bottom of the page. YaST will install, remove, or update the software according to your instructions.

Sometimes when you click "Check Dependencies" you'll get a pop up explaining some software conflicts. This means that the software you want to install is needed by another application you still have installed. You can select to uninstall the package(s) that are dependant or you can choose to leave the package there, after all.

Removing Software not Installed with YaST

Find FilesThis is a little more difficult; Linux software rarely comes with an "Uninstall" icon. You'll need to find all the files installed by the the software and delete them manually. Using the "Find Files" function in the KMenu should help you find some of the files and folders you need to delete.

Do a Google search to find if there is any documentation about where all the files are located. Keep in mind that other software installed on your computer may use those files, too; the best advice here is to research the package you want to remove.

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