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 Installing New Software From SUSE CD

This method of software installation is for when the software you want to install is located on your SUSE installation disk. It may be a CD or DVD. We continue with the assumption that you want to install some new software on your SUSE box and have at least some idea about what the software is called.

Search Your Disk for the Software

Open YaST and click on "Install and Remove Software".

YaST Install and Remove SoftwareYou should now be looking at a search field. Below this field you will see some search options. For the most part, the default options should work fine for you. In the search field enter part of the software name. It is best to enter only a part of the name you are sure about to get the most responses. Click "Search" or hit "Enter".

Your results will appear in the field on the right. If you do not get any results check the spelling and try to find out if the package may go by another name. If you still don't get any results, the software you wish to install may not be located on the installation disk; don't worry, you can likely still install the software by downloading and installing an RPM.

Selecting Software to Install

If you see the software package you want to install on the right, just click the box so it displays a check. You can also remove software by clearing the check, reinstalling the software package is accomplished by clicking on the box until you see a "swirl" icon. There are other functions that can be accomplished, explore the toolbar to learn more.

At the top of the window you should see a drop-down menu labeled "Filter". This is where you can choose to view a directory-type structure of available software packages instead of the search method. There is also an "Installation Summary" option. This will give you an overview about what changes will be made along with packages that are "protected" which are marked with the "padlock" icon.

When you are satisfied with your selections, click the "Check Dependencies" button at the bottom. This button will check to make sure the software you are about to install, remove, or modify will not create any conflicts with anything else installed on your computer. If everything is OK, you'll get a pop up box that says everything is OK. When you're done click on "Accept" at the bottom of the page. Your computer will install, remove, or otherwise modify the software you selected and will restart any other services on your computer to make the final changes.

If a box pops up displaying dependency issues and you don't know what to do, check out Resolving Dependencies when Installing & Removing Software.

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