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 Installing & Removing Software

After you've installed SUSE, you'll occasionally find that you need to install a new software package. This is a fairly simple task once you get the hang of it. I'll cover some of the most common methods for installing and removing software as well as some of the issues that surround these actions.

 Installing From Your SUSE CD
This is simply when you install software that is located on the disk you used to install SUSE.

 Downloading and Installing an RPM
This method is used when the software you want/need is not included on your SUSE installation CD. It involves finding the RPM you need and installing it through YaST.

 Resolving Dependencies & Conflicts
Often additional software needs to be installed or updated before a package can be successfully installed. Resolution of these issues often involves repeating steps.

 Tarballs & Installers
This is a "catch-all" category I made. I'll explain some general concepts for installing software when an RPM is not available.

 Removing & Uninstalling Software
Simply how to use YaST to get rid of software you no longer want or need.

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