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 Buy SUSE Linux

Online Purchase offers many current and past versions of SUSE Linux. Here is a list of the software they currently have available. Amazon also offers a wide variety of Linux books to help get you more comfortable with your new operating system.

  Novell's Store You can purchase current and past versions of SUSE Linux directly from Novell, but they charge more. You get the exact same product from Amazon for less. You make the call...

  eBay Find current and past versions of SUSE Linux on eBay. If you have a slow internet connection and want one of the cheaper, unsupported versions, this might be a good option. You can often find current versions that the seller has burned to CD or DVD for about $5. Make sure you read the descriptions of the product you are trying to purchase carefully and check out the seller's feedback. Be careful; buying from eBay is like a box of chocolates...

There are plenty other places you can find freely available SUSE versions for reasonable prices. Do some googling.

Offline Purchase

I have personally seen or heard reports of SUSE software on the shelves of the following offline vendors:
  • Best Buy
  • Fry's Electronics
  • CompUSA
The SUSE site also lists where you can buy SUSE software.
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