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January 7, 2005

Disaster Averted

So I had my first SUSE catastrophe yesterday. Which is actually pretty good considering all the grief I give my computers. I'm constantly tinkering with new, untested software making modifications, changing shit, uninstalling stuff, reinstalling stuff, developing websites, networking with multiple operating systems, dual-booting, etc.

Anyway, the day before yesterday my laptop started making this "gurgling" sound; I thought I had heard it all, but this was a new noise. I first thought my mic was on and it was coming from my speakers, but as it got louder I determined it was coming from my hdd. Then it locked up. I rebooted, sound was still there, a few minutes later, it locked up. I rebooted and couldn't get past Grub. I'd get this Grub prompt and not much would happen after that.

Of course I was not going to go to my Windows box to try and find out how to fix my Linux box (how humiliating), so I reached for my DSL Disk. Booted up, no problem, found my nic card, BAM, I was finding solutions within minutes.

I found a lot of people with similar issues, and plenty of solutions that apparently worked for them. The easiest (and least invasive) seemed to be to attempt a repair using the SUSE installation disk. So I put in my installation disk, chose "Installation" and chose "English". It saw that I already had SUSE installed and asked me if I wanted to "Repair", "Well, thank you for asking, why yes, I would like to 'Repair'." It gave me some options like, "Automatic", "Custom", or "Expert" (or something along those lines). Since this was my first time in this situation I chose "Automatic" and crossed my fingers.

I got a few easy questions which I answered and it told me it found some corrupt data, asked me to fix it, I chose "Yes", it found some more issues and wanted to re-install a few packages, I again chose "Yes". Then it locked up again... I did an ugly reboot and answered the same questions the same way and zipped along. Eventually it said everything was fixed. I removed the DVD and rebooted.

Sure as shit everything was right as rain. I figured that since some packages were reinstalled during th fix, I might need to update my software, so I did, it found some updates, and went right along.

Since then it has been error (and mysterious gurgling sound) free. I don't so much mind a computer going down every once in a while, I'm willing to admit that it is usually a result of something I did; the key is how your operating system handles the situation. I was pleasantly surprised that SUSE was able to handle this so smoothly.

Posted 15 years, 9 months ago on January 7, 2005
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