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February 15, 2009


This shit is bananas. I installed Kubuntu Intrepid on a laptop recently and made the foolish choice of using the KDE 4 option. That means that you get no right-click ¨extract to¨ or ¨compress as¨ in Konq, or Dolphin, if you´re into that kind of thing.

I messed with creating some custom ServiceMenus, but could not get them to work with Ark. Dammit. The best solution I´ve seen can be found here.

This is just my most recent KDE4 frustration. And this is sad because I don even use the whole desktop environment - I use Fluxbox; I just happen to love Konq as a file browser and FTP client. While booting into KDE to see what the hell they were doing, I noticed I can´t set the taskbar to only show windows from the current desktop. The control center is absolutely neutered. Plasma...really?

ANd it seems I made the wrong call when configuring the keyboard because whenever I try to put an ¨e¨ in quotes I get an e in ümlauts. Well, thatś my bad and can be fixed easy enough.

Hugs & kisses.

Update: Keyboard layout fixed! Horray for being able to put "e"'s in quotes!

Posted 9 years, 11 months ago on February 15, 2009
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