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April 30, 2006

Firefox Flicks Winners

I saw that the Firefox Flicks winners had been announced. I had only heard of this contest a few times, but haven't taken up much interest. I guess the site got Slashdotted this afternoon, so I wasn't able to check out the winners until a few minutes ago. A summary of the contest can be found here.

The winner was "Daredevil" by Pete Macomber. It is top-quality and obviously created by someone who knows his way around video production. But I wouldn't have picked it as the winner. The "brief" mentioned in the previous paragraph offers some insight into the demographic they wanted the commercial aimed at. I fear that if this demographic sees this commercial, the best they're going to do is shake their head with a "WTF" expression on their face. This might result in a few of them going online to find out more, but I think most will have missed the point entirely.

I understand they were looking for a "branding" commercial, not so much based on features, but showing someone using the product, if even for a second, might have been a good idea. You could just stick Ellen Fleiss at the end going "bee booo bop beep boop" and it would be a Mac commercial. In fact, you could stick a Mexican dog at the end and it would be a Taco Bell commercial. Again, good commercial, I just wouldn't have picked this one for the win.

Second place was called "Weee" by Jeff Gill. It was funny, I had the previously mentioned "WTF" look on my face for a few seconds, but it eventually turned into a grin. I don't thing the targeted demographic would be able to recognize the logos in the allotted time, but it got a response out of me. I think this commercial was on to something. I think upping the production quality and a little retooling and it would be really good.

Third place was "Fox Fever" by Andrew N. Green. This one was also funny, it had a Wiley Coyote-thing going on. A little too campy. It reminded me of some ISP commercial (AOL? Earthlink?) where people were walking around rudely handing out fliers, representing spam. I think it's cool, but I'm surprised it was ranked as high as it was.

This is HotHonorable Mention went to "This is Hot" by Danny Robashkin. I would have placed this one much higher. Possibly a win. It went into some features and was the only "winner" to actually show the characters using the product. I think the target demographic might have mistook it for an ISP, but I think it would have got more people off the couch to investigate further. I wonder if it might be politically incorrect with the fishing, dog-sledding, igloo-dwelling, cartoon-Eskimos (did the rough draft use loincloth-wearing Native Americans scalping white women and drinking firewater?).

The second Honorable Mention went to "Give Me the Soap" by Chris Wedding. I liked this one a lot, too. The production quality seemed a little low, but not bad. The kids did a great job and it was funny. Again, it wasn't real obvious what the product was, but extra points for actually showing a computer. The ending line is delivered in such a way that it reminds me of Pace's "Get a rope" line or Pulp Fiction's "Bring out the gimp".

I watched a few more that were ranked highly by site visitors and they were all impressive. It's obvious the judges had a difficult job. I want to make this clear: I'm a nobody, I couldn't create anything that comes close to these winners, I was blown away by each submission; my hat goes off to each of them. I'm just not sure they picked the right one to win.

I haven't read any reviews yet, I wanted to write down my thoughts first. This is on Slashdot and I imagine it made Digg, too. I'm going to go see what they had to say.

Posted 14 years, 4 months ago on April 30, 2006
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