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January 25, 2006

Novell Linux Survey

Scott Morris from Novell Cool Solutions sent me an email and asked that I mention that they are conducting a survey about applications not available for Linux that users want to see supported.

So if there are Windows-only (or Mac-only, unix-only, whatever) programs that you need to have available in Linux to make the switch, go take the survey. Scott tells me that once the survey is complete, Novell will be contacting the software vendors to see what they can do about getting some Linux support.

Now, if 10 people take the survey, Novell will have a hard time going to Big-Software-Vendor-X and trying to convince them that they should port their applications to GNU/Linux. At the same time, don't go and spam them with 200 requests each to try and get a Linux port of Grand Theft Auto.

I went to go take the survey and I could not think of a single application that I thought of as must-have where I couldn't get something similar on Linux (personally or professionally). I thought of friends and family and what it would take them to switch and the truth is, they are just resistant to change. They couldn't find a real difference between Outlook Express and Thunderbird if their life depended on it. They just want a "Start" button and a blue "e" that they can double click on to get to "the internet"; not because they like it, but because many of them aren't willing to consider other options. Added: Well, I thought of one that's a must-have at work - Quickbooks. I've looked at what's available for Linux and I can't find one that covers everything we need. Plus, for a long time, our payroll was done with Intuit and it enabled us to use some advanced features with Quickbooks.

Anyway, if there are some applications you or your business would need (or like) to see ported to Linux before you can make the switch, go take the survey. This is probably the best chance you'll have to get through to some of these vendors.

Posted 14 years, 7 months ago on January 25, 2006
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