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August 3, 2005

OpenSUSE, Puppy Linux, French Wiki, & SUSE Media

A mysterious Frenchman I only know as "jdd" has stepped up to start and maintain the French SUSE Wiki at, so go get your French on.

Slashdot has an awful post with awful links about "Novell To Open Source SUSE"...what the hell does that mean? A much better source of information about this can be found here. James also pointed out that it is mentioned on Linux Magazine's front page.

I've been playing with Puppy Linux lately. I really like it. At its most basic, it is a light, fast live CD that looks a lot like Windows 95. That wouldn't be much to write home about except that it runs so damn fast. Damn Small has always been my live CD of choice because I'm a Fluxbox fan, it is so small, and so fast. However, I've often wished it had packageX installed or such-and-such driver included (which it won't do to maintain its signature small size). Puppy is also fairly small, the current version (1.0.4) is only about 60MB and it has detected all the hardware on the two different machines I have tried it on. The coolest part is that it saves your settings and other data back to the CR-RW.

Another great Puppy feature is Puppy Unleashed; this is a way to download many more packages for Puppy, remaster the distribution by adding, removing, and configuring included packages, and burning your own customized version of Puppy. I've played with this a little and it is very nicely done. I had a few hiccups along the way, but overall the instructions and includec build script walked me through the process very nicely.

You can find several quality reviews of Puppy Linux on News Forge.

Finally, I got an email telling me about a new site for SUSE Digital Media. It has a lot of great information about getting multimedia working in SUSE, especially version 9.3 tasked as a dedicated media center. Very cool site, obviously a lot of time put into it.

Posted 15 years, 2 months ago on August 3, 2005
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