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June 22, 2005

New Planet

So, if there's an award given for the most unexpected use of Planet, I think I just created a site that would make it to the semi-finals. I guess this story starts a few weeks ago when I installed a blog for my wife. See, she likes to make scrapbooks and there are a lot of scrapbook-related blogs, so I informed her they needed a PlanetScrap. Except "PlanetScrap" can look like "PlanetsCrap" and I already had a bunch of domains I wasn't using so I dug into my repertoire of domain names and dubbed this new project StuffDock.

I don't know much about Python and wasn't in the mood to dig too deep, so I wanted to see if I could find the same functionality in a PHP script. I found Planet PHP which runs on C# (no, not really), but for a lot of boring reasons I won't get into, I decided to use Planet after all.

Anyway Planet worked really well; for anyone installing Planet, any of the gaps left in the Planet documentation are filled in here. I also wanted to use some PHP stuff on the site, so here's how you can do that with Planet if anyone's interested:

  • You can configure PHP so that ".html" pages get parsed as ".php", or
  • You do a little file hacking so that an "index.php" is spit out instead of an "index.html"
    • change two things in example/config.ini:
      1. around line 22 change the template_files definition from example/index.html.tmpl to example/index.php.tmpl
      2. around line 41 change [example/index.html.tmpl] to [example/index.php.tmpl]
      3. if your template uses index.html anywhere else, you'll likely need to change that, too.
      4. rename your example/index.html.tmpl file to example/index.php.tmpl
  • You can now use PHP in the example/index.php.tmpl where it will be parsed in the output folder when requested by a browser
  • If you already ran, you'll want to delete the index.html in the output folder because most Apache configs will return the html version before the new php version
I have no doubt that it would be better for me to just learn a little Python, which I'm sure I'll do when I'm feeling more motivated.

That recent Xorg patch for SUSE 9.3 broke Fluxbox for me, but the (more) recent patch-to-the-patch fixed it again. The few days I was stuck using KDE reminded me how much I like Flux. Don't get me wrong, I love Konq, Klipper, Kmix, Kwallet, and Kplenty Kother Kapplications, but I missed the simplicity of Flux.

Seb has been very active at the SUSE Wiki, big thanks to him and everyone else helping out over there.

Posted 15 years, 3 months ago on June 22, 2005
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