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May 14, 2005


The SUSE Wiki has been going well. A lot of good ideas and participation. Thomas Wedehase has been working on the wiki and volunteered to maintain a German version. It is now live and waiting for contributions, you can visit it at; Thomas also bought the domain, so that can be used to get to the same site.

The fantastic Fluxbox developers released a new version Friday: 0.9.13. Most of the upgrades mentioned in the changelog were transparent to me, but I'm pretty sure I notice the speed enhancements they mentioned (I wouldn't have believed it possible). Installation went off without a hitch, and the instructions I wrote for installing the last version still work.

I added some instructions on installing SETI@home on Linux. There is a SUSE SETI Team if you're interested.

On his internet marketing blog, John Bradbury used SEOpen as an excuse to play with some video capture software and created a little demo. Very cool, very flattering.

Oddly enough !=

I'll leave you with a cool site I don't think I'd seen before, Linux Reviews. They've got news (it's how I found out about the new Fluxbox release), reviews, tutorials, and other information for both newbies and experienced users; enjoy.

Posted 15 years, 5 months ago on May 14, 2005
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