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April 26, 2005

SUSE 9.3

So I got 9.3. I've installed it on my desktop at work and my laptop. The desktop install went fine, nothing noteworthy; the laptop however ended up being a pain. Depending on what hard drive I tried it would either not detect the hdd or would hang right before I was given the option to select my language. I tried to load several different modules, failsafe, etc. and nothing worked.

I came across a SuSE Forums thread where cyberdog was having a similar problem. What we had in common was our ECS motherboards; his is a 732g, mine a g732e both with a SiS chipset. Neither of us found a solution until he called SUSE's tech support. He was told to type insmod=ide-generic at the installation prompt.

This worked for us both, so thanks to cyberdog for being man enough to call tech support.

Beagle shows promise. It was "fun" getting it to work and even now it is a crap-shoot to see if it will work when I reboot. The configuration to get it to work was different on the two 9.3 boxes I tried to install it on which seemed odd to me. Remember if you try it, it's in Alpha, so be ready for some level of adventure. I think it's cool enough to make it worth the effort.

Along with Beagle, I was looking forward to The Gimp 2.2 and 2.0. I haven't played with either too much yet. I still use Fluxbox, so GNOME 2.10 and KDE 3.4 weren't huge for me, but a lot of people are really liking them.

Samba has been a pain at work because I have not been able to share the network's printer (though I can share files); and it's been a pain at home because I can see the shared folders on the Windows machine, but viewing and sharing files inside the folders won't work yet. You can see the hub absolutely freak out when I try to browse the Windows shares. In both cases, I place at least some of the blame on the Windows machines, but since I had both locations working great before the upgrade to 9.3, I can't totally blame them. I can't wait until the day that I no longer have to use DirecWay (and therefore share the internet connection through Windows). Sure, DirecWay is willing to upgrade the crappy hardware they sold me two years ago with their new crappy hardware that might let me use Linux on that machine for a couple hundred bones, but I don't trust them.

Getting multimedia stuff up to par was a small chore in 9.3 like it was in 9.1 (and in 9.2 from what I understand).

So far I haven't found anything in 9.3 that I missed in 9.1. I really didn't need to upgrade. If you're using 9.1 or 9.2 and really need something in 9.3 then go for it, otherwise, from what I've seen so far, you aren't missing too much.

That said, SUSE 9.3 is a clean, fast, and extremely polished operating system. If you've never used Linux or SUSE before, or it's been a while since you had a look at it, I certainly encourage you to give it a try. With 9.3 SUSE has shown why it is considered one of the leading GNU/Linux distributions; it just might lack any additional features that make upgrading from 9.1 or 9.2 worthwhile.

Once again, you can buy SUSE 9.3 from Amazon or download the free Live DVD here.

Moving on: I added the FAQs, Help, and Tutorials section to the SuSE DMOZ category. I also created a Reviews category. Again, if you see a site/page that belongs there, please submit it.

My webhost, whom I am usually fairly happy with, recently decided to go on a security kick and disable fopen and some other functions I use. This broke many of my sites (many of which are still broken), but I fixed SUSEroot. This got me on an RSS kick and I added a few things to the site. Some of this stuff I added "because I could", other things might actually be useful; I'll let you decide which is which.

The SUSE Wiki has started off well. Richard Bos has been a big help adding content and offering suggestions. He also asked the gracious James Ogley to add a link to it from Planet SuSE. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far.

Got a mass-email from Novell today about the new Novell Linux Users International site. I'm sure there will be some marketing involved, but it looks like it has some good stuff to offer, too. ...I wonder if they have an RSS feed...

And instead of a juvenile forum picture for today's post, I have something a little more animated. Unless you are a kindergarten teacher it is pretty safe for work, just watch the speakers (flash): Posting and You. Props to Bruce for posting this.

Posted 15 years, 5 months ago on April 26, 2005
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