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March 30, 2005

Witty Title Here

Being agnostic, I have the luxury of walking through life with very pliable rules with which to govern myself; aside from the chronic disregard for traffic laws, and the occasional liberty-taking with p2p clients, I'm a law abiding citizen and try to treat others as I like to be treated.

I have decided to suspend my decision on personal religious issues until someone (or something) gives me enough information to make a well informed decision. In the mean time, I tread very lightly when it comes to doing things that established religions claim will get you sent straight to hell. Well, except eating swine and shellfish; I'm hoping that if this turns out to be an offense punishable by damnation that I'll be able to make the case that if I wasn't supposed to eat bacon, He shouldn't have made it taste so frickin good. Though now that I think of it, I think He's heard that argument made before about apples...

I made you read all that to submit the point that if I was this guy I would err on the side of caution and not get something that sounds an awful lot like the Mark of the Beast implanted in my hand. He claims to have considered this and decided that his gizmo doesn't fit the bill; the basic Motherly wisdom of "better safe than sorry" is apparently dead. I mean he isn't even interested in keeping his options open...

I don't know any preachers that read slashdot, but if this makes mainstream news, this poor rascal is going to be the topic of sermons all over the world. He's at least going to be getting email calling him the prince of darkness.

Moving on: For 4 years my first choice for transportation while royally drunk was the Deutsche Bahn. They are apparently switching their 300 servers (and other assorted junk) to SUSE. Warning: That news story reads like a Novell commercial.

After reading a thread at the (unofficial) SuSE Support Forums, I was reminded what an absolute gold mine Novell's Cool Solutions is, especially for new SUSE users. Of particular interest are:

The West Wing is on tonight. Despite being peppered with left-leaning propaganda, it is my favorite show and the only one I make an effort to watch every week.

There are few guilty pleasures to be had on the internet as satisfying as flaming people you've decided not to like on a message board, especially when you can slam dunk them with a great picture, and really get the lurkers to see your side of the argument. I'm supposed to have matured now, but I still get a huge kick out of seeing some of those classic forum pictures and finding out what kids today are coming up with. In that vein, I think I'll start a series of great forum pictures and add them to my posts from time to time. Here's the first installment:

I have no idea what you are talking about so here is a bunny with a pancake on his head

Posted 15 years, 6 months ago on March 30, 2005
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