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 About SUSEroot

This site was created by me as an attempt to help support the SUSE and Linux community that has provided me with so much help and free software. I build I built a website...

If you like this site and have found it useful you can express your gratitude by one or more of the following:

  • Shooting me an email saying "thanks" (attaching a naked picture of your girlfriend is encouraged).
  • I maintain the SUSE Wiki, your participation helps A LOT
  • If you know someone who needs some website development done, you can send them my way.
  • If you know anything about Houston, Texas, you could help me out with the Houston Wiki.

If you have any software reviews, tutorials, or other content you think would be good for this site, you are more than welcome to send it to me, I'll give you all the credit. It doesn't have to be Shakespere, but realize there are some minimum standards here somewhere. Only submit your original writing and I reserve the right to edit it for content, spelling, or anything else unless you expressly tell me not to, in which case it's going to have to meet my standards "as-is" (whether it's edited or not, I'll still give you the credit).

I'm also open to suggestions, comments, questions, critiques, and whatever else you want to say about the site.

Special Thanks

TuxThanks to Everaldo Coelho who designed the Icon set "Crystal SVG". I used some of his icons on this site. You can visit his site at, you can download the Crystal SVG icon set for Linux here.

Thanks to an artist I only know as "neTz". The image in the top-right corner of this site is taken from wallpaper he submitted to His site is at You can get his desktop image here.


Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. SUSE and the related logos are registered trademarks of SUSE LINUX AG. Microsoft, Windows, MS Office, etc. are all registered trademarks of The Microsoft Corporation. and I are in no way affiliated with SUSE LINUX AG or any other organization mentioned on this site unless expressly stated otherwise.

Everything found on this site that was created by me and to which I have rights is released under this Creative Commons license.

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