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 How Do You Pronounce "SUSE"?

Another question that gets asked alot...

SUSE LINUX AG is a German company, so one could assume the proper pronunciation for "SUSE" would be whatever the company says. The company has been known to pronounce it as "zu-zuh". This pronunciation uses sounds that are not natively found in English, so native English speakers have taken to calling it a wide range of things.

A common American pronunciation is "suzi", which sounds like the girl's name "Susie". Another common pronunciation is "soose" (or "zoose") which sounds like a word that rhymes with "moose" (think Dr. Seuss).

There are plenty of other ways to pronouce it, I say it like it rhymes with "moose" as described above. There is a German word, "susse" (actually it is spelled capital "S", "u" with an umlaut, esset or "shaf ess"), it means "sweet" (go here, select "English to German", and type in "sweet" to see what I mean). This is how I justify my pronunciation. What's odd is this word can also be pronounced as described in the first paragraph.

I used to live in Germany and their pronunciations are crazy, so feel free to pronounce it however you want (though I'd love it if my version became the accepted American pronunciation, so say it my way, dammit).

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